Reel 2023

Since the last Reel in 2020 I’ve been mostly hired to work as an animator. During these years my animation skillset has transitioned from 90% AE animation to a lot of Cel animation, which is great since I consider it almost a mix of being an illustrator & animator at the same time. This reel reminds me of all that I've learned, as well as the many wonderful and talented people I've met, that I'm forever thankful to.


Intro design & animation: Agris Čaurs
Intro sound design: DDA x rolands če

Intro design process

During a trip to Thailand and walking a bunch of jungle trails I got inspired to make something forest related.



Fitting a little story in a few seconds that represents some of my values with a plot twist was my goal. I like to help others and sometimes people can get scared of that at first. Technically most of the animation was done frame by frame in Toonboom Harmony with some bits in AE & Photoshop.


© Agris Čaurs