Panini - The G.O.A.T of swaps

Was lucky to participate in this reeeally fun spot directed by JAK ( - Thanks Katie and Joo!! I was responsible for designing and animating all the "overlay" effects. The timeline was quite tight for this one, but thanks to the awesome team it ended up being one of my all time favourite pieces I've worked on.


FX design: Agris Čaurs
Animation: Agris Čaurs
3D tracking assist: Emīls Geršinskis
Client: Panini UK
Directors: JAK
EP: Ore Okonedo
Production co: Knucklehead
DOP: Stefan Yap
1st AD: Daniel Castro Garcia
Arti director: Macy Trieu Dingle
Stylist: Molly Ashman
HMU: Dani Richardson
Editor: Meg Thorne
Grade: Mark Horrobin
Sound design: Finaly Mowat



© Agris Čaurs