Mythic Mischief

Mythic Mischief is a board game by IV Games. You choose between different factions that sets the way you’ll play the game. I got super lucky to animate two of the campaign spots. 


Studio: IV Studio
Exec Producer:
 Samuel Cowden
Exec. Creative Direction: Zachary Dixon
Creative Director: Nayt Cochran, Michael Cribbs
Producer: Rachel Loven
Art Director: Michael Cribbs
Character Design: Amin Fara
Illustration: Kelly Nakamura , Michael Cribbs
Animation: Agris Caurs, Nata Metlukh, Zachary Dixon
Compositing: Zachary Dixon
Graphic Design/Branding: Alright Studio
Music: Cody Fry
Sound Design: Sanctus

Animation process


© Agris Čaurs